Liteon 5005b hacked firmware help needed



Hi There
can anyone help me?
I have the UK 5005b man Oct 04
I downloaded the hacked FW from the link listed for 3hr and macro disable.
I then unzipped and burnt the file LNFBE091.esu to a cd-r using nero.
I then inserted into 5005 but the disc is almost immediately ejected. A message flashes on the screen but it is too quick to read.
Can anyone make any suggestions? :confused:
Also should I name the cd-r. It has the default label โ€˜newโ€™

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If anyone can email the hacked UK fw to me I would be most grateful :bow:


i just got the latest update from liteon and the file i got is LNFB098.ES3.
I have hacked this version and it worked for me.
What is your serial code. does it read 0102-3243-0091-g2b9.
the part i have underline is the firmware version you have, i entered this code and got the 098 update, my machine manufactured sept 04 and had the firmware on what you have downloaded :confused:


MY serial code reads 0102-1241-0090-125C. Tht update from liteon I recieved was LNFBE091.esu. I tried this and the hacked version but both discs were rejected? Any ideaโ€™s :confused:


need to be burt to cd-rw


Hello sneale, I had the same experience, the file needs to be the name it originated from. Looks like in your post it should be LNFBE091.ESU I had good luck using Nero Burning Rom, make data disc, ISO format and burned to a cd-rw at 8x. Hope this helps.


All Sorted now
Many thanks for everyones help on the Forum :bow: