Liteon 5005b gettin tired?

Hi Everyone,
My 5005b manufactured July 2004, bought October same year has now clocked up around 1300 hours recording time and has started to fail to record on an intermittant basis.
I did the macrovision hack and the 3 hour playback thing as soon as I bought it and all has been well until recently.
I clean the lens with a cleaning disc every 5-6 recordings but it doesn’t help.
Is it getting past it’s best or is there a firmware update I could be missing?
It seems to hate the newer brand of discs I’ve been using (Mirror +R) also is there a maximum number of times a +RW can be used with certainty?
Thanks all.

Time for a new one… If you lived in Oz you could pick up a brand new Pioneer 110 drive for about AU$69 (about US $59- I think…). That makes persisting with an older drive unecessary. My Samsung drive started doing the same thing after about the same number of burns as yours. I stuck with it until it went “belly-up” (dead) and my techie friend said fixing it was not financially viable. If you live in the States I believe you can also pick up bargain burners. Why not treat yourself and not put up with further hassle.

Hi Stroppy,
It’s not a p.c. drive, but a freestanding recorder/player and maybe a new one is the answer. I just love this machine so much I may buy an identicle one gain.I don’t want to bin a damn good machine just because i’ve not done my homework first.

Hey dvd4me,
I didn’t realise you were talking about a stand-alone unit. Hmm. I can understand your reluctance to give it up. I also suggest that you reduce the regularity of the lens cleaning routine…It can do more harm than good if you overdo it.
If you can afford it why don’t you hang on with the older unit and use it on a second tv in your house. Then you can (yipee!) treat yourself and go and buy another unit!
(You can tell I’m a shopaholic!) As I said in my earlier post, if you were down-under you can pick this sort of electronic gear up very cheaply.
I bought a “Sonique” brand Chinese unit that burns all formats but has no hard drive for AUS $180. It does a great job, has good connectability via mini firewire, SCART, component, Svideo and composite video. I picked this up at one of our large chain retailers (JB HiFi) and probably could have bargained the price down further if I had the time and energy. If you’re in the States I bet you could find as good a bargain despite perhaps being unable to find the same brand. Even a Samsung unit with a hard drive is around AUS $300.
Go on, treat yourself… you only live once!

Hi Stroppy,
I’m actually in the U.K.
Cash isn’t a big issue (i’m not loaded but I can afford a new one)it was just not wanting to throw the old machine out like some old used up piece of junk.
Your idea about keeping her as a ‘spare’ or second machine is a good one. I will do just that.
Now the only thing I am still curious about is how many times can you record (safely)to a +RW disc. Any ideas (no guessing )?

mirror media is pretty crap tbh, i suggest you buy some verbatim +rw it may just be a media issue, how many times can you record to a rw disc? hmm really depends i would have thought with a good disc you may get atleast 50 decent burns out of it

Hey Al,
I can’t really dispute what Mr. Brownstone has to say. You could try more expensive media like the verbatims. They are a great disk and I must say that when other friends have had compatibility issues with their recorders Verbatim, TDK etc… did help at times.
I get about 50-60 burns out of even cheap generic RWs, + or -, So Mr.B. is right here as well…good one Mr.B.
Being that you’re in the “mother country” I know that there are huge electronic hypermarts there as well as there are here in Oz. I also know that your market has tons of cheapie chinese player/recorders as well, but perhaps because of your high VAT ripoff you pay a little more than we do here (our GST is lower than your VAT). I’d give one a burble ( try one out). If it doesn’t work after the first few burns, box it up and take it back. if you don’t want to go the no-brand way, buy an LG or Samsung unit…they’re almost as cheap…cheap as chips (well, not quite!!!) . Sorry I didn’t reply earlier…sleep intervened!

Hi Stroppy,Hi Mr. B,
Thanks to both of you for your input.
It’s strange about the Mirror discs because I had a small trial amount of 25 and every one worked fine and then this second lot…well I got just two good burns out of the first 11 discs.
The machine also didn’t like some of my older Phillips +RW’s but that could be down to the amount of times (30-40) I’ve used them.
Anyway I have ordered some new Phillips and I’ll see what happens.
Good ‘talking’ to you both and greetings from the U.K. (What year is it in Oz?)

It’s (let me think…mmm…) 2000 and …and…6 !!!
Well it’s goodnight and goodbye from me…and …oh, you know the rest!
(With respect to the 2 Ronnies) :slight_smile:

Hi dvd4me,

Jumping in a little late, but I also own a 5005 and love it. You may not be aware but you can replace the burner in your 5005 for substantially less than a new unit (I’m hoping this is true in the UK, as well) and still keep your old friend around… A Liteon 1693s…purchased in the US, for about $40…will fit quite nicely.
This link will take you to page 41 of the “Liteon 5005” thread, in which CCRomeo lays out the steps for replacing the burner…many thanks to CC and other members for their input… :clap: Anyway, the 1693s is a great burner, I have one in one of my pcs and I’m buying another for my older pc that I’ll keep handy in the event my 5005 dies. Also, you’ll have all the firmware support that you’ll ever need …both stock and hacked.
Here’s that link:

Hi maineman,
A friend is never too late with good news.
thanks for the info. I simply love my 5005 and today I went and got some more Philips +RW and so far I have burned 3x2 hour discs without a hiccup.