Liteon 5005b / Cyberhome Ch-402 Playback Problem

I have recently purchased the LITEON 5005B (Manufactured Oct04), however discs I record will not play back on my Cyberhome CH-402 players.
I have tried various brands of DVD-R media all with no results on my Cyberhomes.
Has anyone else experienced difficulty like this ?
The discs do play back on other brands of players.
Have I just been unlucky in my choice of DVD Players?
Any help/comments would be appreciated.
Cheers. :confused:

LITEON 5005B i got one and cant find a player that i cant play the discs on m8 “fantastic kit in my opinion”

I guess I must have found the only player that doesn’t :confused:

PLEASE CLOSE ------ thx

I’ve got two out of three of my players that these won’t play on…one a Cyberhome and the other a Daewoo.

I’ve got two out of three of my players that these won’t play on…one a Cyberhome

I have now found dvd+r/rw to work on my cyberhome but no dvd-r :confused:

So it’s down to media???

It appears to be a combination of the media & the Liteon that courses the problem. I have tried recording on a Panasonic using the same discs which play on every machine I have tried.
It is definately a Media / Liteon issue.

So what media are you succesfully using to record on the Liteon and playback in the Cyberhome?

I think your problem is due to the booktype setting. I believe the lite-on will let you change the booktype on most +R DVD’s and RW’s. Pressed dvds(commercial movies) have a booktype setting of DVD-ROM. This is the most compatible for settop or any player/recorder etc. Download Diskinfo or any disc identifier program and scan the two disks that you copied and see what the booktype is set to. Since most recorders can’t change the booktype setting of a -R DVD it probably will show -R DVD. However I would be willing to bet that the +R DVD will show a DVD-ROM booktype setting instead of a +R DVD. If you post in the Liteon Sub Forum you will be able to find more help there. You’ll also find some good info if you spend some time browsing the posts

I have found Ritek printable 4xDVD+R work perfectly on the Cyberholme 402
also 01ne DVD plus RW and Mirror DVD - RW ( these are the only RW discs I have tried)
Brands I couldn’t get to work all DVD - R Datawrite, (various types)
Datasafe, Fuji,TDK,
and I am sure there where others but I cant remember the names.
The Ritek are available from Big but they only have a limited stock.
Hope this is of some use

On standalone Lite-on decks???

I like the idea of having a look at the way the discs are written though. Will have to try that utility you talk about for that.