Liteon 5005A wont finalize

I have this 5005A and it will not finalize my dvd+r or dvd-r disks. I am also wondering what is a good zip software to use to unzip the firmware file so that i can see whats in it to try to upgrade my machine. I am using windows xp.

Any help would be so very much appreciated.

Try Zip Central. Its free and you can view the contents rpior to unzipping the file.
You can get this @

thanks Chris will try it.

well i couldnt get to that site from your link. dont know what may be wrong.

It worked fine for me.

ok do a google search for ‘zipcentral’ and follow the links.

i went to win rar to and downloaded the zip trial and i cant get the file to unzip i followed the directions. ie. extract to a file and then it should be unzipping but it is not. i am lost in the shuffle now. please help.

I have the zipcentral prog on my pc. It works fine.
If you give me your email address I can send it to you.

It is 1.29MB. Once you have downloaded it just double click on the file to install.

The program does work as I have just tried it. I downloaded it fron their page just now.

I am having some finalization problems on the LVW-5005. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Here are my concerns:

  1. I used crappy Teon media from Staples & had no problems. Suddenly, a bunch of Teon disks that were not finalized refused to be recognized. Finalized Teons still work great. I have upgraded to 1098 (hacked) and I also did the drive upgrade. I tried downgrading the system software to 1091 factory (downgrading was succesful - but didn’t help).

  2. Regardless of the media used it seems to be the case when I fill the media up to the max the LVW-5005 has difficulties with finalizing.

Any ideas?

disc’s may not be recording or finalizing becuase of conlict between drive firmware region and default in other firmware and what was set in the setup mode on exit.