LiteON 5005a, Audio Sync Problems with +RW



I am wondering if anyone else is having a problem with audio syncing with the picture on your LiteOn 5005a, United States version, when recording TV shows. It seems the syncing is fine for the first hour of recording, but after the first hour the sound doesn’t match up to the person speaking. This is a continuous record. I am recording anywhere from 2 to 4 hours at a time straight. I tried splitting them up to 4 separate recordings, and it seem to work, but I lose about a minute of recording time with each. If I record from 8-9, then 9-10 and so on, it loses about 30-60 seconds. My LiteOn 5005A manufacture date is October 2004. It came with the 1840 ext with the 90 firmware. I had the audio sync problem with this firmware, so I upgraded to the 98 firmware and still the same problem. I shut off chapter marks; changed every setting, still same problem. I know it must be the drive problem, because I own a second 5005A (US drive) manufactured July 2004, and I have no problems at all. I did have the playback problem on other DVD players, but it seems to be corrected with the 98 firmware. Also of note, I use the recommended DVD +RW on LiteOn’s site, so they couldn’t say it was the media.

Please Help.

Should I do an RMA on the unit, or is there a fix.

David F.


I here in the UK have had similar problems, some happen at the begining some in the middle and some towards the end, usually the jittering starts for a minute afterwards and then disappears.

there may be a fix from liteon (if they read these threads )