Liteon 5005

I bought it more than a year…updated and hacked it afew time…no problem it play fine…but when I recorded use DVD+RW(memorex)…it play fine but it can’t play on other DVD player. I want to correct this problem…anyone know how… :eek:

Pong… You didn’t mention whether or not you’ve been FINALIZING your recordings (Part of the “Guider” menu) before trying to play them in other machines. Unless you do the FINALIZE process, you will likely not be able to play them in other DVD players.

My 5005 and 5045 both work fine with - or + (R or RW) disk media. Both have been hacked.

+RW discs do not need finalizing, however all +/-RW rewritable media are not as good as +R or - R in reflectivity/readability by DVD players.

You’ll just have to find a player that is capable of playing the +RW media

Note that some older DVD players will not play the DVD-VR format that LiteOn uses for recording (vs DVD video format that is available on some/most other DVD recorders).

Memorex +RWs do not have the best rep try another brand Maxell, TDK…