Liteon 5005

Hi I’m looking for the latest FW.
My current FW is 0090.
What is the latest FW for the 5005b manufactured in Oct 2004?
Does the latest FW include the 3hr recording mode?
Has the latest FW been hacked yet for 3hr and macrovision removal?
Any help, directions and advise would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation

You can find the answers in this thread:

Again, with respect that doesnt answer this guys questions:
Keiran Flynn:

The latest version is 092, its what i have had emailed to me from Liteon and they say it includes the 3hr hack, Im quite happy to email it to you and see if you can get it to update yuor 5005, I cant regardless of what burner and media I use. mail me at: shedsounds (at)

There is no hac for anything post version 76 I think although the guys at the Liteon forum were getting very close before it went down…

Hoep that helps

Hi there,

Got myself a Liteon 5005, made in August 2004, so I understand the old hack at won’t work for me.

From reading posts here and elsewhere, the new version of the firmware will give me 3 hour recording. I have lots of 3hr VHS videos to convert to DVD, and this would be ideal.

Problem is, the Liteon Forums at are currently down, and the file that Liteon tell me to download (using my serial number) LNFB1000.D20.0102.024x.rar, doesn’t exist on their server, so I’m stuck for what to do next.

It does say to download and install the latest system firmware as well - LNFBE076.DSU.0102.024x.rar, (which could be why your update doesn’t work?) Could it be we have half of the puzzle each?!

Has anyone had any luck with this, and does the latest firmware actually enable 3 hour recording, or should I hold off until there is a macrovision removal version as well?

I’m dying to flash it, because I also have that common problem where the bottom third of the screen flashes on some pre-recorded DVDs and I understand an update will fix it, though I can’t actually get to download one!


As I said, Liteon personally sent me the firmare ending 092 and siad it enabled 3hr recording but I cannot get the 5005b to recognise the software regardless of what media dn burner I use. Very happy to mail it to anyone else to ry, as I said on condition that if in UK and they get it working they mail me the relevant cd!

Dr Mabuse

It took me 5 attempts to get the machine to flash, so, dont give up

I keep getting the LNFBE076.DSU.102 file as the latest firmware for my machine, manufactured Oct 04.
This doesnt upgrade to 3 hour mode.

I am certainly happy to give the firmware a go, if you mail it to me .

It only works using nero, and as I said, took me 5 goes of burning CDRW`s to get the bugger to flash last time.
I actually tried using a Hex editor to modify the new file.
The machine flashed, but stopped half way through, and I had to reinstall the latest firmware in unmodified form to get it working again.

The only plus point is that the 5005 seems very resistant to ham fisted firmware hacking!!

Email me at and I will see if I can get the file to load.


Where the hell do you find this?

I only ever get links to system firmware

DocJonty, just emailed you the file, good luck please note the preferred reply address in the email! cheers.


Didnt receive the file .

Could you try again?

check hotmails bulk or spam folder, I gather its got very ffussy recently, wqill have come from dbutterfield(at)wakefield etc… will re-end though now

Good luck trying to upgrade this, I’m out this evening but I’m really interested in your progress. I too am hoping to get 3 hour mode sorted soon!

I’d love a copy of the file if you can get it to work - please send it to jdvallen_(a) if you have any luck, and what you did!


Between myself and docjonty we belive its a dud file or not meant for the UK model, this depsite it coming from Liteon direct and them knowing Im a Brit. I will email them back tomorrow and get them to check, they seem quite friendly once you’ve exchanged a couple of mails. Have you tried getting version 92 off the liteon site?


I can concur

Tried all sorts of shenanagans, and the bugger wouldnt load.

I suspect it is intended for a US NTSC machine, as we in the UK are a little “odd” with our PAL system.

It behaved in the same way as when I tried to load the old modified hacked 063 file, before realizing that that loophole had been closed with machines manufactured after April.

I hope they have updated the software for UK users as it is a real pain in the arse trying to record a film longer than 2 hours and 4 bloody minutes!!

Currently , I sit with a calculator, record most of it in 2 hour mode, pause SKY plus and then record the last bit in 4 hour mode.

Admittedly I have got pretty good at it, so that the join is hardly visible [other than the slight loss of quality]

Roll on 3 hour mode

Sorry to hear you’ve not had much luck tonight.

I can’t get any firmwares off the liteon site as they only offer me the LNFB1000.D20.0102.024x.rar file, and the link to that one is broken. I’ve emailed their people at saying the link is broken on Sunday, but I’ve not heard anything back yet.

I’ll post back if I do, otherwise I hope you get more luck with them than me!

It seems different machines were manufactured for different countries, even the same countries can have different 5005’s. I bought a 5005 manufactured in Oct. 2004 (i’m in the US east coast). The latest firmware for my machine is 091 and it does NOT have the 3 hr mode. I emailed liteon support and they sent me 0092 but my 5005 won’t recognize it. I wish liteon would get their act together.

I tried looking at the firmware page again to see if they’ve fixed it. Now it seems that when I put my serial in, i get the following:
If I put ‘UK’, they offer me a single file - LNFBE076.DSU.0102.024x.rar - containing the file LNFBE076.DSU
If I put in ‘Europe’, they offer me LNFB2076.DSU.0102.024x.rar - containing the file LNFB2076.DSU

Now I know I need the UK one, and I only downloaded both to see if there was any noticable difference in file size. There isnt!

What is the code for this ‘latest firmware’, and how can I tell which firmware I currently have? My machine was manufactured in August 04 by the way.

Just flashed with the UK firmware they’re offering (See above), it hasn’t given me the three hour mode. My serial has changed from

0102-0243-0071-G2B9 to
0102-0243-0076-G2B9 though.

Hope this at least fixes the flickering.

email these guys - a bit of consumer pressure from the European customers may get action

It should clear your flickering as far as I know but the 3hr function is reportedly now live in the 092 version and I agree totally with DocJonty, we need topersuade Liteon to release a PAL UK version of it!

Yup, its cleared the flickering!
Now hopefully mailing Liteon will get us that 3hr holy grail before Christmas… Theres some good 2hr+ films on telly in the UK!