Liteon 5005 'stopping' problem

Tried stopping a timer recording and guess what? Stopping,stopping,stopping,coaster! Several episodes lost and an unusable +r.w.This has only happened to me twice in 2 months, so I got off lightly I suppose.I thought i got a bargain with this machine but I’ve just about had it now.Argos here I come,where’s my receipt?..Mind you,where am i gonna get a macrovision free recorder from…maybe my loyalty might be swayed a little bit! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Re: Stopping problem:

summary of:

  1. Stopping due to bad/questionable/incompatible media.

  2. Stopping due to LVW 5xxx series firmware with DV IN incompatible with some DV camcorders. I find newer miniDVs work better (such as JVC GRD200). Older/Sony digital8 (eg TRV730) not as compatible perhaps they stop sending DV data stream after their taped signal has ended.

  3. Earlier than 1098 firmware may have Macrovision detection factory set too high and caused stopping problem. Should be solved as indicated by some.

  4. Timer recording can’t be stopped manually. I find that pushing the power button and the stop button (may be a few times) on the LVW5005 itself (not the remote) will stop some “stopping” problem. This will usually ruin the session that is being recorded to disc however, but at least you don’t have to pull the plug.

I upgraded firmware and the problem is more or less solved with analogue tapes, not for 100%. It is still present with digital tapes when fader function is used (longer fader time!!). I recorded one digital tape without fading and no stopping problem. Also contacted liteon in the Netherlands and they are aware of the problem. This probably will be solved in new firmware release, I will be alerted by them when it is released.

My UK 5005b is 7 months old - manufactured Jan 04 and has developed the “stopping problem” in the past week.

I only use the DVR for recording from TV using the DVR built in tuner or SCART from a digibox.

The problem occurs now and then on DVD+RW of over 2 hours in length. Shorter recordings seem to be no problem. Seven disks have been ruined up to now and the recorder has been returned for repair/replacement.