Liteon 5005 'stopping' problem

Hi All,
I bought a 5005 recorder 6 weeks ago and it has worked very well until yesterday. When it had finished recording and I switched it to stop it flashed stop for over a minute until I had to switch it off at the mains to stop it .
The recorded material was then lost.
This has happened on 4 out of 7 recordings I have done in the last two days.
The only other thing is a change of disc from Hewlet Packard +RW to Packard Bell+RW when I ran out of the former yesterday. Coincidence or cause?
Any help would be great.
Thanks. :wink:

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Is this the same unit discussed HERE

Are you using the media suggetsed in the Instruction pamphlet? Is there a message when it stops? I had one problem on one homeade tape where it thought it detected Macrovision at a certain segment of the tape (a bug in the unit perhaps) and it just stopped. Make sure top Menu is turned on so you see any messag edisplayed when it stops. I circumvented the problem using RF coaxial cables as this bypasses Macrovision so I guess it also bypasses the bug in this unit.

It would sure be nice if the new firmware released would demacrovision the drive because it is a very annoying bug and I too wasted 6 DVD+R on it. The new firmwares are also no hackable.

I think the Macrovision feature is in all honesty useless because who in todays day and age is gonna rent VHS tapes from their local store to copy them on DVD. People nowadays buy DVD’s, it time for Lite-on to recognize this and stay with morality of modern times. I hope others with this issue come forth as well s maybe Lite-on will see this and correct it.

Macrovision is also used for DVD. This is intended to stop you from copying from a DVD player as well as from a VCR. Thing is, Macrovision analog copy protection is very easy to defeat (I’ve seen boxes as cheap as $20 to do the job, and I think all of the SIMA video enhancers remove it).

I agree, but to prevent copying DVD’s, having just a little sense would have told them to enable Macrovision via Component throughput, not Composite or S-Video, because a resulting DVD will have been very degraded in quality by using these, especially for current LCD, Plasma, and DLP Projection sets, which many many consumers have turned to.

I’m thru my 2nd unit and I had same problem with both. I called their Milpitas support and they weren’t aware of a bulletin regarding this issue, though I see it popping up in few places on the internet now. The 2nd one did it out of the box. I updated to latest firmware on Liteon’s web site, but no change. I’m losing every 2nd disc to this problem. I’m using the DV input. I think, but not sure yet, that if the camera stops first which prompts the Liteon to pause, then if I stop it manually, the problem will occur. If I stop the recording before the camera stops, then it is OK. I wonder if the DVD+RW discs become also unusable after this problem. I haven’t tried DVD+RW yet, but surely I’m making lot of coasters now… Please post if you found a solution.

Hmm…I’ve only used HP +RW discs (4x Philips and 2.4x CMC W01) so far and had no problems. Are all the ones where you’ve had the problem a different MID than the ones that worked?

I have used generic DVD+R, and TDK DVD+R. Both suffered the same stopping problem. Last night I used Memorex DVD+RW, and it again did the same problem. But I was able to erase the disk at least. The Liteon will not complain about the failed DVD+RW as “Invalid Disk”, and will proceed as if it will overwrite it, but does not recognize anything on it. I have a new series of actions that I think worked for me last night in the last attempt. When the camcorder tape stops, I turn off the camera and disconnect the DV cable, and I use the Guider to go directly to ‘Finalize’ instead of pressing ‘stop’.

I can now confirm that this sequence bypasses the ‘stopping’ problem that seems to happen when using DV input. After Camcorder stops, and Liteon LVW-5005 recorder pauses automatically, turn off the camcorder, Do not stop the recorder, instead use the guider menu to go to finalize.

I have been making DVD-Rs via the DV output on my Sony Digital8 camcorder for some time now and then suddenly started getting this same ‘stopping’ problem (i.e. an inability to correctly terminate a title). I have made note of the conditions that reproduce the problem and have come to some conclusions:

  1. A clean DV source with no interruptions causes no problems. A digital camcorder tape, or just pass-through from a clean source, worked for me repeatedly.

  2. The length of the time after starting a recording is not relevant.

  3. The title number (first on the disc, second, etc.) is not relevant.

  4. DVD-R or DVD+R produce the problem, so the format is not relevant.

  5. If a DV stream is interrupted several times, the stopping problem will occur. The conditions I used to create the error (several independent times) are:

i. Start recording from a DV camcorder using the DV cable.
ii. Press stop on the camcorder, wait several seconds, then play again.
iii. Repeat this a second time.
iv. Unplug the DV cable, wait several seconds, then plug it in again.
v. The LVM-5005 will pause/resume recording during these 3 ‘gaps’.
vi. Press stop on the LVM-5005, and presto, you have a coaster.

  1. Very short interruptions of the DV stream do not seem to cause the error.

  2. A single, long interruption of the DV stream did not seem to cause the error. Even unplugging the DV cable once, leaving it unplugged and then stopping the recording was okay.

  3. If the process described in 5 is performed, but instead the guider menu is used to finalize the disc, the entire recording is indeed saved as reported by KingTut.

  4. Copying a specific 35-minute segment from an analog 8mm tape played in my Digital8 camcorder seemed to reliably produce the stopping error. The source contained three ~5-second gaps without any video, causing temporary interruption of the DV stream. At the end of the recording the stopping error occurred no matter if the camcorder was still playing or not.

My conclusion is that the error results from some corruption of the DV stream or recording process, resulting from multiple stops in the DV stream.

My recommendation would be to remaster source tapes to have no gaps in the video. This can be done without signal degradation on a computer, or by copying DV to another DV camcorder, but with editing.) The resultant digital video should not cause any errors when recording to the LVM-5005.

Alternatively, one could copy all video as a single title and proceed directly to finalizing as suggested by KingTut above. I was able to do this without stopping the camcorder or unplugging the DV cable.

I do not know if ‘anticipating’ gaps in a source recording and pausing or stopping the LVM-5005 pre-emptively would also work.

If anyone has any other ideas for workarounds, we’d love to hear them. This problem is a real nuisance (I made about a dozen coasters to come to these conclusions).


There is a thread about this in the DVD Recorders section of AVS Forum (sorry, I didn’t save the link). The gist of the discussion is that posters suspect a bug in the DV-to-MPEG chip which would probably not be “fixable” with new recorder firmware. There is a lot of discussion about whether it’s simply easier to ‘bite the bullet’ and use the analog inputs; the degradation of video quality (vs. using the DV input) is not as great as most people fear … i

I just get this unit and recorded my first DVD+R disc (sorry, don’t know what brand) from a camcorder connected to AV1.
I experienced Macrovision ‘protected recording’ problems (about every other scene transition) that stopped the recording but on the other hand allowed me to create chapters quite nicely.
At the end of the recording though I got the stopping problem described in this thread, couldn’t use the remote or the unit’s buttons to interrupt it, although I did get a screen that said ‘Waiting’ (I think by pressing the guider button).
After stopping and starting the camcorder a few times the recorder eventually stopped and I was able to edit and finalise. I don’t know if it was just a question of waiting or whether I was able to reproduce the Macrovision problem though.
So now I don’t know whether to hack it and remove the MV protection or leave it as it is! I guess I’ll just have to experiment a bit more…

I bought a 5006 ( @ radio shack) and have the same “stopping” problem with the firwire input. I returned the first unit but the second one does the same thing. I’ve ruined 6 disk so far. Has anyone come up with a fix? The picture quality and sound seems to be better with the DV input than the av inputs, I would like to use the firewire inputs if its possible.
So far I have only tried to copy my old 8mm tapes through a digital 8 camera (sony). My most recent home movies are all recorded on dig8. will I have the same “stopping” problem copying them?
Also I can’t get the +rw or -rw to play on any other dvd player, is there a trick to this also?

I bought a LiteOn 5007 (Sears version w/ TV Guide) and duped a few tapes using the DV output from my Digital-8 Sony just fine. I then switched to using my older HI-8 Sony to dupe the preceding 24 tapes. When we generated those tapes we were in the habit of rewinding, watching and then fast forwarding, sometimes too far leaving unrecorded sections on the tapes. I started using the front panel AV1 connection with the older camera and hit this ‘stopping’ problem, wasting three Memorex DVD+Rs before I switched to using the COAX adapter included with my camera. Yesterday I wasted four or five more blank DVDs on one HI-8 tape (#13 BTW!). I was all set to return the 5007 when I decided to try one more time, this time with tape #14. Worked fine.

In this post I’ve seen no mention of anyone hitting this problem while using the “TV” input. Any suggestions? Originally I was going to transcribe the tape to an old VHS format and then try recording it to DVD from that. Now it appears I might be able to get around it by stopping and starting the camera when the 5007 ‘stops’? Yuck. I even thought of watching the HI-8 and force recording of blank image over the virgin tape material.

I wonder why the tape manufacturers don’t pre-“format” the tapes?

Any advice would be appreciated.

This is driving me nuts - the only way to dub my home videos to DVDs is to stop the recording at every second or third break in the video, turn off the DVD recorder then turn it back on and start a new title (I hacked the macrovision protection off so it doesn’t switch itself off any more).
Does anyone have a better solution??? Please???

Same here. I finally called the 888 number on the top of my 5007 and talked to a very sympathetic human who pointed me to a web site I hadn’t stumbled onto yet…

where at last, I found firmware for my unit.

And it fixed my problem!

I had tried everything, even as far as copying the Hi-8 recording to VHS and it still locked up my system. I can’t speak to whether the FW version for the 5005 there is better than what you’ve found already, but it’s the only place anywhere I’ve found anything for the 5007, and it worked!

Good luck!

I have got a LVW-5004 stand alone DVD recorder and I agree with everything on this forum. The only goal was to make dvd’s of my old video8 tapes. Some years ago I bougth a digital8 camera for this purpose. I also ruined several DVD’s at least more than ten. RW DVD’s are written but can still be used. Machine works fine, recording is fine except when the i-link connection is used. 1 minute recording no problem, but whole tape at once it will generate a stopping problem. Does anyone know the difference between LVW-5004 and LVW-5005? And will updating with new firmware help in this case?? Or is there a risk that it will not work anymore or can you ga back to the old firmware??. I am a complete nert in this field I also tried recording via the analogue output on the digital8, that is no problem. Only I personally find the quality of the pictures and the quality of the sound lesser. I can see and hear clearly the difference.

Re: Stopping problem:

I think there are two separate issues here:

  1. Stopping due to bad/questionable/incompatible media. This is especially true with the end of the DVD disc that are often questionable for a lot of discs and some DVDRW drives have problem writing to that area and therefore resulting in the stopping problem.

  2. Stopping due to LVW 5xxx series firmware unable to use DV IN command to stop play on the DV camcorder. This may be due to the DV interface commands which the camcorder sends to the LVW 5xxx indicating end of tape or recorded material on the camcorder. Try using the OTR on the 5xxx (30, 1hr, 1.5hr etc, keep pressing the record button on the remote) to set a timer for the length of LVW recording; make sure the time is shorter than the actual DV recording on the camcorder itself. I know this makes unattending recording that much harder, but it seems to work.

Just throw a wrench in here… My problem occurred no matter which interface I used: DV, COAX, Component. It even occurred when I first copied the Hi8 taped to a VHS and then used the VHS copy to write to DVD. I truly believe in my case, it was the blank media format “data” that was being misinterpreted by the 5005 as Macrovision protection. Something in the new firmware has resolved my problem.

Thanks for the tips, what I will do is first go to the shop where I bougth the recorder, I will tell them that I want to install new firmware and if I ruin the recorder they should give me a new one for free. Because the only purpose why I bougth it is to digitalize my camrecorder tapes. I will show them a copy of this forum, so they will see more people experience this "stopping"problem
Furthermore I used several types of DVD RW and DVD+ from several good suppliers, so I think the problem is not in questionable discs.
Also the recorder never generates a stopping problem if I copy videos or record from TV or record from my digital8 recorder from the analogue port. Only with the i-link, the dv entrance of the recorder.
I also have a question of the macrovision, I do not completely understand it. Does this mean that when I record a DVD in my recorder that I cannot multiply it in a DVD burner on a PC?? Or is this responsible for the fact that I cannot make DVD’s from Disney videos? If new firmware knocks out this macrovision will I than be able to copy disney videos on DVD??