Liteon 5005 - Recorded programs have no Subtitles


I have recorded several programs from Dish PVR, TV directly on to DVD and CD. Originally these programs have subtitles, however once recorded and I press the 'nav button’in the remote to get the menu to enable the subtitle.

But they don’t get enabled.

I have the latest firmware (March 05) that I have hacked using ILO hacker.

Any help on what I am missing, is much appreciated.

Well in the old days, If you wanted subtitles you had to enable them on your TV not your source.
So try activating the feature on your TV.

Broadcast programs do not have “subtitles” - they have closed captions.
I am not aware of a set-top DVD recorder that preserves closed captions when recording broadcast material.
The functions on your 5005 control the playback of commercial DVD’s so encoded, not home made discs.

Actually I think some DVD recorders such as the Panasonic will do closed captions, certainly the TiVO does.

The newest S10S is looking pretty good:

Regarding true subtitle on a DVD: you will need to turn that on from the source DVD player and feed that to your Macrovision hacked LVW5xxx.

Sure, I was able to turn in on in the source DVD player and record on the LVW 5005. But now it becomes part of the video and I can’t turn it off by CC-OFF option on the TV.

You are correct, The Dish PVR also preserves the CC. I am losing it only when I record to the LVW 5005. I don’t know if that was preserved in the VCR technology which I had before.

Unfortunately, the subtitle on a DVD is on a different data stream and can’t be capture through a video feed such as composite or sVHS.

The only way I know of in capturing DVD subtitles is by DVDshrink or DVDdecryptor or such (resulting in true digital data recording) on a PC.

Currently there is no way of I know of that you can do this on a stand alone DVD recorder, until such time that they make one which can get true digital feeds into and out of stand alone units.