Liteon 5005 Noisy

I’ve just bought an UK Liteon 5005 build date sept 04. I have no experience of dvd recorders and when player a commercial dvd the unit is fairly quite but when +rw player the unit is fairly noisy and sounds like the drive is spinning far faster and sounds more like a pc drive.

I am using imation dvd+rw from argos.
Is this normal?

The drives in these units are directly taken from Pc’s they are a standard IDE drive in everyway (apart from no case)

The 5005 uses two familys of drive one the 400s (401s, 410s, 411s 451s which are quieter ) or the 800s (801s, 810s, 811s)

I think personally from looking on the liteon america site where it states the unit has a 4x drive that the 4 series is 4x and the 8 series is 8x

the newer the manufacture date the more likely to have a 8 series

I have had a few of these and found those maufactured around october onwards had a 8 series

I only think it affects the finalisation of the disk or preperation since recording can only be performed at 1x