Liteon 5005 menu freeze!



Hi from a very, very lo-tech newbie,

Can someone please help me? (warning long boring post)

I bought a Liteon 5005b dvd recorder last month here in the UK, it has a sticker on the rear stating the d.o.m is August 2004.

I bought the recorder purely to transfer about 20 vhs tapes worth of music, which I had recorded from tv over the years. I borrowed 6 bulkpaq orange dvd-r from a friend until some that I had ordered from ebay arrived. These 1st six discs worked like a treat.

I then made coasters from the 1st four bulkpaq dvd’s thatI used from ebay. There were a number of problems (mentioned by others on other threads here on this forum) I.e.

  1. Discs wouldn’t stop after burning until I turned off the unit & then lost everything I’d burnt. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  2. After finalising the discs would keep sticking & ‘squaring’ during playback.

  3. Discs would not load full stop.

I eventually noticed that the borrowed discs were 4 speed & the ebay ones were 8 speed. I have now (obviously) ditched the 8 speed & only use four speed, which don’t give me the above problems.

However I am still left with one problem which has occured with every type of 4 X disc that I have used including the free unbranded disc which came inside the box. When I am watching any finalized disc the menu will eventually freeze when I select random tracks using the menu. I can usually select 3 or 4 different tracks after which the screen freezes & the whole machine locks. At this point the machine refuses to carry out any function via the front panal or the remote control, I have to turn the machine off & then back on. This happens when using both the thumbnail or text menu.

Has anyone else had/overcome this problem?


I have used fuji, sony and tdk -R 8X discs with no problems. I did have problems with memorex +rw’s but princo -rw worked fine. Go figure. Maybe you should exchange your unit with another one.