Liteon 5005 fried?

My recorder stopped responding this doesn’ t read disks,remote doesn’t work buttons on the machine don’t work.
really weird cause last night it was fine.
have the latest firmware upgrade.
any way to hard reset this thing back to factory default?

Some models can be reset by holding down the Stop button and pressing Power.
Firmware won’t help if the power supply has gone out though. If it doesn’t light up at all open it up and check the voltages. There’s some repair info on my website, not for the 5005 because I’ve only got a 5007 so far but it might help anyway.

@ArizonaSteve whats the secret for getting the drive tray front/bezel off the ddw-451s. I would like to drill that little hole to get to the eject hole? I see them little silver screws or whatever they are that hold the spring loaded front on. I was trying to get mine off but didn’t want to break it.

Nice website ya got there !

Oh it powers up, but the only command that works is the on and off button.
I called tech support, went through everything imagineable, and finally shipped it back to them.

I have instructions on my website for removing the bezel, basically you just open the tray and snap it up and off.