Liteon 5005 firmware help!



Hi, I have searched this forum for a week and can’t seem to find the answer to my problem. It has to do with creating a CD to load the latest firmware onto my Liteon LVW5005. I downloaded the latest firmware (I think) and unzipped a file named LNFA1098.ES5.
I tried to create an ISO file onto my blank CD-R using Easy CD/DV Creator 6. It indicates that if the disk is ejected using the ISO option this should be an ISO file. The Liteon DVD recorder just ejects this disk. (Better than messing up the original firmware I guess :slight_smile:
I then tried to use DVD DEcrypter to create an ISO CD but it won’t write because it is not a .iso file!
I do have Nero burning software but I recently uninstalled it and reinstalled the Roxio as I had several CD’s that were created with the Roxio but that had not been closed out to read from any drive. The Nero couldn’t seem to read or close these disks out so I put the Roxio back in.
I hope this makes sense. Actually the Liteon is working fine except I tried to write to some Memorex DVD RW+ disks recently and it didn’t like the disks. Strange, as I had written without any problems on earlier batches of the Memorex RW+ disks. Also had a problem with a DVD-R disk that was recorded earlier with the Liteon and which played back fine many times. Now, all of a sudden it reports “no disk” when the disk is loaded.
I am hoping the latest firmware will help with this problem. (I also have the latest drive firmware number LNFA1000.E20 but won’t try to update this till I solve the ISO problem.)
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. You can message me also at:


jocmarsh - you have to burn the firmware and system update files to 2 seperate cd’s. The name and file type should be the same as they unzipped. They do not have to be .iso files but the cd has to be. This is standard so don’t worry about the iso thing. Just make 2 seperate data cd’s. If the 5005 says data disk go to the setup screen with a cd in it and do a restore to default with the cd in the 5005 tray. This reset helps the 5005 to read the cd when this trouble happens. Do the updates in the order LiteOn recommended.

Good Luck


I have a LiteOn Model 5005A with a serial number 0102-1140-0101-G28D(100-0108) Can this be upgraded so that I can copy my VHS movies over to DVD and if so how do I do it. I am not that savy on these things so I would need step by step instructions. Thanks.