LiteON 5005 / DVD+RW problems



I’m having similar problems, got a computer and 3 other standalone DVD players at my disposal ranging in age from 3 years old to 1 month old and anything I record will only play on the 5005, the newest standalone, and the computer.

I’ve resorted to giving disks to cooperative coworkers to take home and try. One of the girls in our accounting department took a disk home last night and reported today that it worked in all 3 of her standalone DVDs, including an old Panasonic of similar vintage to my own oldest one.

Guess I’m just the unluckiest guy in the world, and I really love the DVD players I have now, I really don’t want to change them out. :frowning:


Michael, As they came out of the Liteon LVW-5005, none of my DVD+RW’s would play in stand alone players, including my Sony DVP-NS500V. They would give a “dirty disc” error! Then, I discovered some thing on another forum and found that it works for me.

With the LVW-5005, if you give the recording (Title 01) a name, it appears to work like “Finalizing” a DVD+R. Look at page 25 of the User’s Manual for details on how to do a “Title Edit”. It’s a “no-brainer” once you’ve done it.

Once the DVD+RW has a Title Name, it starts to play in my stand alone just like any other DVD movie.


The release notes for the new firmware (Build 98) list a bugfix:

Fix compatibility problem for 1 title recording

Wonder if this fixes the issue you describe.


I updated to the 98 firmware a couple of days ago, but I’ve yet to do any custom titling of any of my recordings. However, I did do a DVD+RW and made sure I had more than one recording on it with the same result, as I had already seen the single recording issue profiled somewhere. I’ll give it a try and see what happens.


Hmmm. I have updated to 1098 (hacked) and the corresponding drive firmware - but I still can’t get burned 4x DVD+RW (the only speed I have right now) to be recognized on my Apex AD-1100W. I also tried changing the title and having two items recorded on the DVD+RW - no joy. In addition it doesn’t recognize DVD-R.

Is there a way of applying a hack to do bitsetting on this unit so that it can make the burned DVDs appear as DVD-ROM? I notice Liteon has a “booktype” utility for the burners and was wondering if there is an analog for the LVW-5005. Any help/info appreciated!


IIRC the Apex 1100 is uneven with recordable media to begin with. If it does not recognize DVD-R then I doubt a booktype setting will change that.

As an aside - if you look at the Lite-On web page for the LDW and DDW-series drives (i.e. the ones that are inside their standalone recorders) there is new firmware that allows booktype setting! I wonder if the LVW-5005 system firmware takes advantage of this.


schuster - I have made an inquiry with LiteOn tech to see if the booktype firmware will be included on future LVW-5005 updates. I will pass on whatever respose I get.


Please help!

I have problem playing DVD+RW (supplied with the Liteon) recorded from my Liteon 5005 on a stand-alone DVD player (Cyberhome CH-DVD 300) as reported by someone else here. CH-DVD 300 displayed a file menu as if the disc was a MP3!

I downloaded the latest System Firmware and the Driver Firmwares from the Lite-on last night (Jan 25, 05, I don’t know what’s the FW versions of it) and upgraded my Liteon 5005 recorder but DVD+RW burned with the new firmwares still has the same problem on my CH-DVD 300. Does anyone have better luck with it.

I recorded only a small 10min clip on the disc with no name assigned for the title or chapter. I’d appreciate your help.


Still having that same problem and I’ve updated firmware, tried +RW and finalized +R media, multiple clips on the same DVD, given them custom titles, recorded at both HQ & SP speeds.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, and would love for someone to find a workaroun, but I don’t think there is a way to get the Cyberhomes deck to playback the 5005’s recordings.


Here is a good one, I had emailed liteon support regarding the drive update. The response from the tech “Zhi”, is that there NO drive update for a stand alone dvd recorder like the 5005…just the firmware updates. Well I know thats not true from the posts I have seen from others, and I know I saw one for my 5005 Saturday, but gone now on the dl site!

The company is different for sure…

Also strangely, I do have a 5005, but has a serial number very much like rad_rat’s 5006, mine is identical but starts with “0102”…


jfischer (post #9) seems to be able to record on +RW with the new firmware (1098) and played it back fine on DVD players.

jfischer: could you give us an update of your situation? What DVD players have you tried to play back the +RW? I had updated my 5005 with the latest system FW and drive FW and still have problem with +RW playback by my Cyberhome DVD-300 player.


For me it was a sony dvp ns-300.

Same as original issue, +RWs would not play unless I recorded more than one title on the disc or used the edit the name trick. Now they work fine.


I purchased my LVE-5005 last week. Trak101, I too have the Pioneer 563A and have the same problem. I’ve upgraded the system and drive firmware and used the iLO hacker. So you’re not alone there. I am, however, able to play the Lite-On discs on my Daewoo 5700 (2) and Daewoo S150 players. I have the same problem dumping the DVD to the PC, unless I use DVD Decrypter. I also get the warning others have reported on DD.


So odd. I have a 5005 (USA model) with 1094 firmware (mfg Nov 2004). I have recorded on the included DVD+RW and other +RW discs and they play perfectly well in my cheap Kolin player (also in a friend’s more expensive Philips). However, my Kolin will not accept a finalized +R (my friend’s Philips does play it). I am experimenting with some -R discs and will see how they fare.


Just as some DVD players will only play burnt DVD-R disks the same compatability issue arises with +R disks… in fact with burnt DVD+R I’ve found that some players have definite issues. I’m lucky , my Pioneer DVD 676A and Hiteker ( Apex) 710 , and Pioneer 414 all play back the DVD+R/W disks unfinalised even ( my wife gets me to record Desperate Housewives so she can skip the ads ). The only issue I’ve had is interrupting the recording process with the stop button on the remote ( I know I’m duplicating some info from a pevious thread here, but feel it’s relevant to the thread ).
If you have issues with +R/W disks grab a cheap -R/W disk ( I’ve used Verbatim ) and see how that goes on your player… you may be luckier.


DVD write discs, r+/-, rw +/- are a crapshoot when recorded on a burner, and played on different players. I don’t really think the liteon’s fault, have had like issues with computer burner…at least for me have had the greatest compatibility success with r -'s…r+'s seem to be the least reliable between players…also the r -'s will generally play fine (as long finalized) on older players. As far as the rw’s, only one I own is the rw+ that came with the 5005… Burned material using this on the 5005 plays fine on my Panasonic player, model 845 I think, which is isn’t even rated to play rw+'s!!! The R+'s play fine also, but again I have stuck to the R-'s, and have yet to have an issue…

Now as far the “green tint” issue I have seen poste, yup, starting to notice that…now that I think IS a 5005 issue…


I would say Verbatims are a good choice for the +RWs I have about 30 of them and although some have jitters that has been put down to the recorder (some of the jitters occur when it has no media inserted )


I agree. I use Verbatim +RW’s and find them excellent with my 5005b. Always give a good recording without any jitter or breakup of the picture or sound.


I use Fuji +RWs and have never had a problem.


I Tried Verbatim 4x Dvd+rw, Verbatim 8x-r, Hp 8x+r, Maxell Dvd-rw, Tdk-rw, Princo 4x-r, And A No Name 4xdvd-r, All Of Them Stop Recording After About 45 Min. And Or Would Not Finalize. I Ordered Fuji 8x Dvd-r 100pk For $28.00 From I’ll Give Them A Try. Im Ready To Get A Rma From Lite On And Send It In For Repairs