Liteon 5005 DVD Recorder - Newbie Needs Help!



I have a Liteon 5005 DVD Recorder and I have had it for a while.

My kids ordered it for me a few years ago and I am just trying to set it up. I have Direct-TV and I want to save some Stain Glass programs that I recorded.

My grands probally colored on the instruction booklet and now i really want to learn how to use it and I don’t know how to set it up.

Am I also missing a CD for set-up? Does anyone know where I can download another instruction booklet? I am 61 years old and this new tech is hard for me to learn. LOL

Do you know anyone who knows about this machine?


Go to the Liteon site and the manual, as well as new firmware is there


edit: evidently, you can’t go directly, so in the first drop down box, on that site, choose "audio-video. Then in the second box, choose your model number.
You can get the proper model number from the unit itself.


thank you for the information