Liteon 5005 CD-R recording after Drive change

I wanted to start a thread focusing on the CD-R record function of the 5005.

I have read several reports of successful CD-R recordings after a drive change-out. This function is very important to me. I am not concerned about playback issues like FF. 
 I have been using 2 of these simultaneously, one to record DVD of our Church services and the other to record CD-R, I have found the liteon to work great with almost every type of media I have put in it, this is what sets it apart from others I have tried and read about. 
 I would really like to keep my liteon 5005s going if possible.:iagree: So if you have found a drive or fix that will burn CD-R media with a new drive..please O please let me know.:bow: 
 I just wanted to give a big thanks to all the people who have posted soo much info in here already. :clap: You have helped me to replace my drive with a Sony DRU-202A and it does work with the DVD media.

thanks Sparkie