Liteon 5005 buzzing / vibrating



I recently bought a Liteon 5005 at Costco for $150.00 (manufactured in Feb. 2005). Seems to work fine except it makes a rather loud buzzing / vibrating sound when playing most discs. The vibrating sound is worse at the start of the disc and gets gradually quieter as it players from start to finish.

If I press the top of the player it seems to quiet the vibration sound somewhat, but not completely. Has anyone else had this probem? I wonder if it is laser pick-up or motor?

Any input would be great . . .

Thanks . . .



Something is out of balance:

  1. Disc : try different manufacturers
  2. Recorder itself : Try leveling the unit with a bubble level
  3. DVDR drive itself : Return to Costco and get another unit.