Liteon 5005 audio fault?



I had the Liteon 5004 (from Argos) couple of months ago, for transfering family videos from tape onto dvd, all works fine.

The problem I have is if I try and play them back the sound is faulty, cuts out or has breaks in sound every 5 or 6 seconds.
If I play a disc back on another player or a PC it works perfect, it just won’t playback properly on the recorder itself, so I took it back to Argos and they swapped it for the 5005, this worked fine for the first playback I tried then I noticed the same fault.

I did the firmware upgrade on the 5004 and it did not fix it, so I have not done it on the 5005.

Anyone know what might cause this fault on sound playback when watching a disc or is it just another faulty dvd recorder ?

Need help as I wana watch some of them but don’t have another player at home.




Let me make sure I understand correctly. You made a disk on the Liteon 5004/5005. This same disk plays back correctly on your PC. But the audio “breaks up” when played on either Liteon machine.

Do any disks (commercial DVDs for example) playback with proper audio on your Liteon? If they don’t, then the issue cannot be on the recording side of things. I suspect it isn’t anyway or else why would they playback OK on the PC.

Do you have your Liteon connected to a home theater or stereo system? If so, have you double checked the connections to make sure it is not a faulty cable? If connected to a home theater or stereo system, try playing back through the TV speakers instead. Or as an alternative, try playing an audio CD in your 5005 and see if it sounds OK.

It would be strange, but not impossible to get two different units with the same problem. That’s why I suspect something outside the Liteon as the culprit.

Post back with additional information and let’s see if we can’t narrow this down more.


unwired - Great advice and suggestions !


Thanks Unwired, you are correct.
It is only connected to my video recorder and my TV and nothing else.
If I swich it on then play ANY dvd (homemade or original branded) it starts off ok then if I pause half way through then when I continue playing again the picture is perfect but the sounds breaks up all the way through the rest of the film.
As you can imagine this makes me very mad.
I would be greatfull for any advice you may have.
Thanks again



Try bypassing the video recorder (I assume you mean VCR) and go directly to the TV.

How is the Liteon connected to the video recorder? I am assuming you are using the RCA audio “out” connectors on the Liteon to connect to the RCA audio “in” connectors on the video recorder. Is this how you are set up?

If the video recorder can play a tape and the sound is fine, then we know the connection from the video recorder to the TV is OK. If the tape does not sound good then the culprit is in the connection from your video recorder to your TV and the Liteon has nothing to do with the issue.

Try removing the video recorder from the “chain”. Directly connect the Liteon to your TV by using the same cables that you use to connect your VCR to the TV. If it works well under these circumstances then the culprit is either the cables that connected your Liteon to the VCR or something related to how the VCR is handling your audio signal from the Liteon. By taking the VCR “out of the loop” you can determine if it has any effect.

Post back with more info and any results.


Problems like this require a bit of patience and testing and as unwired says more info can only help in reaching a solution.

  1. Try taking your VCR out of the loop, it may be causing interference.

  2. Try connecting your VCR to a different input on the Liteon - try the front AV.

  3. If both have their own scart connection to the TV try switching or removing one.

  4. When you say pause halfway through is it repeatable from the same chapter/time frame or will it exhibit the problem at any time a pause/play is actioned.


Ok look i have only just joined this site as you probably will be aware?
But the problem you have is not a unique one when it comes to the Lite on DVD recorder i have an LVW5005…And i also get drop outs in sound which can happen at different intervals, However when i played the discs back through the sytem the drop outs would be in different places to that of where they were before?
So i tried many things to sort this problem and none of them worked? However the Scart lead i was using and for some unknown reason the one supplied with the unit i decided to try a more expensive one the Gold tipped variety! Fantastic i cured the fault or at least so i thought? I had not played the discs that were causing the problems? It seems that if i use DVD-discs the problem crops up now and then but with DVD+ i dont get the problems at all? I can say that if i can say this i have played pirate DVD’s in the player and even these have sound break ups but i have found them to be on DVD- I dont know if this might help as it certainly cured my problem? Dont worry there is nothing wrong with your player at all! and the leads as long as you have everything installed correctly should pose no probs either! But i also have a problem of my own with this player?? and it is driving me nuts! When i tune the player into the TV and have all my channels stored i get this echo? which as time goes on gets worse and worse its like an echo added to an echo? it seems that the Lite on is picking up two signals and the sounds are being combined? any ideas on this one any body?


@room237 - In the US 5005 the rf tuner is terrible with hums and noises. I have my cable box, VCR and DVD player hooked up to the A/V inputs on my 5005.


As JM1647 says, record via an external tuner using AV (or Scart sockets). This has added advantage that recordings are in stereo (RF recordings on 5005 are in mono - or at least were in earlier models - I am not sure about later models .

In UK with a freeview or sky box, you get super recordings via this method.