Liteon 5005 - anyone upgraded to Firmware 92?



Im trying to, Liteon sent me it directly saying it addresses the 3hr record issue. Its a Rar which Ive opened and am buring the file inside as a data disk to cdr through Nero. Also tried cdrw and burning with stomp. All of them just produce the Data Disk on screen message.

Im happy to send anyone this file if they want it, but if you are UK and get it working please post me the cd you used, I’ll pay your costs of course! Im tearing my hair out here…

File is LNHA1092.ESU


The answer to your question is in this thread:


With respect it isnt, thats about un-raring which I know all about. I have ended with the .esu file and tried all sorts of combinations of burning software and media. My question is asking specifically about LNHA1092.ESU and if anyone has gone to that version.


I have the same problem. Their support sent me the file. I unzipped it and burned the cd but the 5005 won’t recognize the firmware. I’m waiting for a reply from their support group.


Ive emailed the US and European customer services today, can anyone doing the same please report back on any response, thanks


Had a response from Euro team and they say 091 is the lkatest UK firmware. I wonder then if its possible to hex edit the 092 firmware to change it to Pal(as was the case with earlier software) God I wish the liteon forum was up cos there were soem really knowledgeable guys there!


works here, US version:


and can you confirm it gives 3hr option? Dont want to waste my time hex-editing if it doesnt?


Has anyone noticed that the source directory for the 5005 firmware is called FW_5001_5006? Does this mean we now have 5006 devices in 5005 labels?


I just noticed this fact. The link shows a file name of LNHA1092.ESU.0104.184x.rar, but my last official download ended in 114x.rar, not 184x.rar. I tried this file on my 5005, and it would not take it. So I changed the download link to this…

This also downloads. The file names that extract from the RAR file are identical, but the 184x link is dated 10/27/04 while the 114x file is dated 12/06/04.

Now to try this file and see if I can get my 3hr mode. I am currently at the 0091 version and I don’t have any 3hr mode visible. Will post results…

This must be a hidden file, as when I plugged in my current 0091 S/N, it says I am at the latest version.


No joy on that file. The player recognized that there was a file system cd, but did not want to do the upgrade.


I bought a 5005 from K-Kart in the USA yesterday. It was 3 hr mode out fo the box, region-free remote mode was a cinch… but couldn;t hack the macrovision with the older 1063 patch. Downloaded 1092 from LiteOn and applied that - still had the 3 hr mode for recording, tried old patch (for giggles) and still read as data disk. Trying to figure out how to modiy the macrovision code in 1092 buit I can seem to find it. That’s all for now.


I’m new here. Trying to find out a solution to my Liteon 5005 remote problem. It appears that my old universal remote I had been using to control my home entertainment system will not control my 5005 unit. Would like to get back to one remote control again without buying one of these fancy $200 universal remotes. Anybody got a suggestion. My universal remote I am currently using came with my Harmon Kardon AVR35, so it’s kind of old and doesn’t control all the features on my new High Defininition TV anyhow. I wouldn’t mind getting a new universal remote control but I’m not sure which one to get and once I get it what the Liteon 5005 remote code is? Any suggestions.