Liteon 5005 and DVD Scans

with a BenQ1620 and a Plextor716A I’m used to getting Nero DVD speed results of 97% + and very few PIFs.

But with my stand alone DVD recorder even with a Quality disk I get scans like the one attached. The programs are playable - no sound or vision problems.

My question is - Is this normal or is the Liteon 5005 just a crap recorder ? If the Liteon is no good is there a recorder that can burn as well as a BenQ or a Plextor ?

I must say I am not surprised with the output after what I tried I burned off a whole DVD+R then moved the drive from the Liteon in to the PC where the same disk was very poor - it would not complete the CD tests and on running scandisk it showed 30% as unreadable but different drives give different results the burner here was the 411s yet from the 451s hardly any problems

managed to do a small recording on a Philips DVD R-610. No where near as good as a computer based burner but significantly better than the Liteon 5005. I think I will soon be in the market for a new DVD Recorder - and it won’t be a Liteon.