Liteon 5004



I ordered a 5005 from Argos and got a 5004. I can play DVD’d on it but I can’t seem to tune it to more than half a dozen channels. I’ve linked it up to a Panasonic TX-32DTX1 IDTV which I get all the usual digital channels through my aerial. I connected it using the scart lead provided and aerial lead. Can anyone help me?


When you say you get all the usual digital channels through the aerial,has your tv got a built in Freeview receiver?..I’ve used a Freeview box on the 5005 (via scart in) without problems.With the built in tuner you’ll only get channels 1-5 unless it’s receiving some signal from a Freeview,Sky or cable source.Sorry if I’ve misunderstood the problem…By the way,Argos gave me a 5004 as a replacement for a faulty 5005 and I had all sorts of tuner interference with it.


yes the tv has a built in freeview receiver. The channels I can tune in to are not the usual 1-5.


Strange,that one.the only other adjustment you can make is by going to the ‘set up’ page and selecting ‘cable’ or ‘aerial’ in the the tuner settings,and re-scanning ( you’ll lose all your channel settings and naming)…The only other thing i can think of is that the freeview signal is weaker than that which is received by the t.v.set.(presumably there is an output on the t.v)…I found the strongest signals to be mainly the BBC ones…i.e.I can receive more channels with a booster/amplifier than i can without…Clutching at straws here a little.