Liteon 5004

Is anyone familiar with the Liteon 5004 dvd recorder?

I’ve just been to my local Argos to buy a second Liteon 5005, but after paying I was presented with a Liteon 5004 which was in an Orange box instead of the usual blue box which the 5005 comes in.

I refused the item and was given a refund, but the manager assures me that it’s the same model that they are listing as a 5005 in the current Argos catalogue.

I’ve just done a ‘Google’ for Liteon 5004, and all the results seemed to be German ones?

There is no mention of the 5004 on the Liteon forum here on cd freaks. Can anyone shed any light on the 5004?

(I posted this on the newbie forum yesterday, but no one was able to help)

I heard from other forum that it is MV free and 3 hours mode…but do not take my word for it. There are no Argos in nyc so I can not confirm it.

I got one today, still investigating. It has 3 hour mode as standard. Analogue tuner, analogue audio but has PDC and VideoPlus. Loops through RGB from the AUX to TV scart when powered off but outputs CVBS from AUX to TV when selected as source (though appears to record the RGB, judging by the playback quality). There’s another thread on it here.

what’s mv

And what’s pdv please?

Just ordered 5004 from Argos (UK) at the weekend. Collecting it today. Guess I’ll be coming back here :wink:


disregard this post.

I found this link to another forum. If you go to the bottom of the thread there is a posting by “Uncle Jack”. He claims the 5004 to be the same as the 5005 but with a “videoplus” feature.

Ignore previous post, I did not notice the date of the original starting post. My mistake.

Gibby, MV - Macrovision.

Thats a typo. It is PDC which is programme delivery control, a signal sent by broadcasters to let recorders know that the programme, for instance, is running 10 minutes late and any timer events are adjusted accordingly.

Trouble is not all use it and even those that do are not consistent in ensuring changes are notified. I gave up using it years ago.