Liteon 5004

Is anyone familiar with the Liteon 5004 dvd recorder?

I’ve just been to my local Argos to buy a second Liteon 5005, but after paying I was presented with a Liteon 5004 which was in an Orange box instead of the usual blue box which the 5005 comes in.

I refused the item and was given a refund, but the manager assures me that it’s the same model that they are listing as a 5005 in the current Argos catalogue.

I’ve just done a ‘Google’ for Liteon 5004, and all the results seemed to be German ones?

There is no mention of the 5004 on the Liteon forum here on cd freaks. Can anyone shed any light on the 5004?

I have just bought a liteon 5004 - it seems fine…I too thought it was a 5005 I was getting but I was handed a 5004. They sold it to me for £110 which I think was an error on their part (rather than £150)

I have emailed liteon with asking them about firmware for the 5004 and await their reply.

I use a 5005 at work and the 5004 seems pretty similar (I have not tried anything clever with it, but it has not done anything odd yet)

I doubt this helps