Liteon 5004 - Firmware

Does anybody know of firmware updates for for the 5004?

The macrovision is enabled and I would like to try to disable it.

What you need to do, is download a little gem by Mr Wizard, to hack the firmware.
Do a search for ILO Hacker in these Forums to find it.

Next, go to and download the latest Firmware for your machine–You will need your machines serial number visible in the ‘set-up’ menu–This will tell the server what machine you have and give the correct download file You probably have LNHCG076.DSU.0104.074x firmware currently, The latest Firmware is LNHCG080.DSU.0104.074x, and is easily hacked with ILO Hacker for Macro Off and region free.

you will need to re-set your machine to ‘Defaults’ in settings, before installing new Firmware, or the firmware disc will be rejected and ‘Data Disc’ will appear on screen and wont update–After update, all languages will be in German, easily altered in settings after you have updated to Loader Firmware also, ie, Two Updates, one for System and the other for the Loader.

I guess it must be beginner’s luck. I’ve only had my 5004 a couple of hours and I upped the firmware to LNHCG080.DSU.0104.074x without reverting to default settings. Went like a dream. I’m not usually that lucky :wink: