LiteOn 5001 New Firmware 1176

New firmware update for the LiteOn LVW-5001. The following are the changes:
For Build 1176/076, changes since Build 1163/063:

A. New Feature and Enhancements

  1. Enhance the drive update to avoid errors that might occur.
  2. Enhance media defect management.
  3. Enable DV Control bar during recording.
  4. Keep parental level and passwd after load default.
  5. Firmware update checking mechanism.
  6. Add resume play from marked stop from power off mode (only for the same disc).
  7. Change the string “Format” to “Erase” in EZ-Guider.
  8. Add support for preformating the blank DVD-RW disc.
  9. After erasing the disc and exit the guider, automatically popup the preformat page if necessary (for Blank CD/DVD-RW).
  10. Enhance marked-stop checking mechanism.
  11. Enahance DVD+VR search mechanism.
  12. Enhance DVD Video playback.

B. Bug Fixes

  1. Open EasyGuider right after exit title editor, system may have blank screen.
  2. The progress on LED while updating drive firmware is not correct at the end.
  3. Fix date arragement may have errror when date is in D/M/Y mode.
  4. Disable “A-B Repeat” in Navigator when top menu (DVD+VR) displays on screen.
  5. System hang while playing self-recorded SVCD menu/tracks and then Marked Stop.
  6. Playing Phillip’s +VR may fail.
  7. Fix the Record Schedule of null status will not refresh after change time.
  8. Run setup right after record starts, the timer on OSD is not correct.
  9. Some minor DVD Video playback problems.
  10. Title Edit has problems when there are 49 titles.
  11. Sometimes after record stopped, LED shows wrong information.
  12. Record to CD from DV source may show pause at record start.
  13. During timer record LED/OSD incorrect and only show blank screen.
  14. All keys are blocked while playing an unfinalized VCD (self-recorded) and marked stop.
  15. The VCD menu size is not correct.
  16. System sometimes can not record from DV and only show pause.
  17. System hangs and need to reboot while DVD Video 16x F.F -> Marked Stop.
  18. Can’t do 16x F.F on LVW-5005 recorded finalized DVD-R disc.
  19. Press next track while playing SVCD, then press ‘guider’ causes system hang.
  20. Play VCD with FF or FR, the frame will be paused.
  21. TimerRecord UI may crash when close UI on select channel.
  22. Can not set overwrite on last title when there is no Empty title.
  23. System won’t mount disc while opening Channel Editor.
  24. Press Record key but system won’t show “Disc Full” if the disc is full.
  25. Fix the timer setting will not work for the first time in the regular setting.
  26. Will show fail if time expired at TimerRecord UI.
  27. Status displays wrong information when SVCD (self-recorded) menu shows up.
  28. SVCD playback status is not correct after resume from marked stop.
  29. Sometimes a black retangle will show on the bottom of the screen.
  30. A minor VCD search problem when PBC is ON.
  31. Set Repeat mode ON problem when play MP3+JPEG disc.
  32. Press Pause in OTR will cause showing INVALID every second.