LITEON 5001 cant playback recorded discs on pc

i can record discs fine finalize them i can watch on any dvd player but cant play them on my pc it doesnt even show up when i play it in the pc dvd drive.

can someone help

LiteON 50xx series use DVDVR format and some older DVD drives just can’t handle them, at least that is my understanding of the problem.

You may need to upgrade your DVD drive (easier to do) on your PC or convert the LiteON disc to DVD-Video format (by authoring on the PC, harder and takes longer).

DVD-VR and DVD+VR don’t offer less features than standard DVD-Video
discs. Instead, they offer more:

“In short, DVD VR is a format that enables you to produce a DVD movie
that can be edited. A DVD produced in VR format will allow you to add
new video contents, change menu backgrounds, insert chapters, split
video clips and even remove unwanted video segments (as long as you
have enough space available on the disc). And as more DVD authoring
applications are adopting the new VR standard, like CyberLink’s
PowerProducer 2, you will be able to easily record, edit, and playback
your DVD movie creations.”

This means that you will be able to create menu’s, use the same high
resolution video, use chapters, multiple audio languages, multiple
subtitles etc. on a DVD-VR or DVD+VR disc.
At the same time, you will have a lot more editing options than you
will have with a standard DVD-Video disc.

However, there is one important limitation to DVD-VR and DVD+VR discs:
they are a lot less compatible with standard DVD Video players.

“I quickly found a major problem with recording to the VR format–lack
of compatibility. Even after finalizing, the disc will not play in a
standard DVD player (one that doesn’t record). So I couldn’t watch it
on the DVD player in the other room. So I switched the default to
DVD-Video, which creates a DVD (after it’s finalized) in the standard
DVD format.”

“Well, as PhilipL stated earlier, there are currently a limited number
of standalone DVD players from Panasonic and Pioneer, which are able
to play the DVD-VR recorded discs.”

What you simply can do, I create a DVD-VR or DVD+VR disc, and then
later convert it to a standard DVD-Video disc (when you want to be
able to play it on another player). There are multiple software
programs available which can easily perform this conversion.

Search strategy:
Google: “DVD-VR” OR “DVD+VR” features
Google: “DVD-VR” OR “DVD+VR” problems

I hope you have enough information. If you need any more, please ask
for a clarification!

Thank you,

The above is true, assuming you are not just using DVD-R/W discs with the LiteON VR format, the combination of which may be especially troublesome for some DVD drives. Therefore you should try both + and - discs first before anything else.

There are different procedures for authoring DVD-VR and DVD+VR discs:

The 5001 records to DVD+R discs and most PC DVD drives can’t read DVD+R discs! I imagine the problem is the 5001 is not able to Finalize the disc properly by changing the book type to DVD-Rom after it records.
Use a utility like DVDInfoPro to check that your discs have the book type set properly and look at your drive to see what it’s capabilities are.
I don’t believe any of that nonsense about DVD-VR’s and so on. The two 5007 recorders I just got still couldn’t finalize the disc properly and the idiots at LiteOn don’t have an update to fix it so I had to get a hack from here to fix it.

As everything is fine apart from the PC I’d look at updating the firmware for your pc drive as well.

Can us see the dvd using explorer? What program are you using to try and watch them? If you have a PC based burner does the media you burn in the 5XXX work in the PC based burner? Finding a happy medium with media between players and recorders/rom can be a pain. I have PC based LiteOn burners and it sees all finalized dvd’s my 5005 and Power DVD plays them all. Same thing with my Apex 1225 and 2600 players.