Liteon 5001 and decoder = PROBLEM

Hello everyone !

I have the following problem with my 5001:

I have analog decoder (for Pay TV), which is connected to TV (AV1) and Liteon recorder connected to AV2, but in this configuration tuner in Liteon shows coded signal.

Teoretically analog decoder should be connected to SCART (Video in) in Liteon, but in this case picture is still coded ! Panasonic’s and Philips’s recoreders are “prepared” for coded signals and in recorder setup you can “mark” that decoder is connected.

What about Liteon ? Have you experienced similar problem ?


Are you saying your decoder isn’t allowing the LiteOn to record from the Pay TV box?

Is the box SUPPOSED to work with recorders?

I 've compared two different manuals for 5001 and in one of them there is an option to connect decoder. My 5001 does not have such option - so the solution is simple: I have to change recorder.


Hi luko77,

What connections do you have on your 5001?

How have you connected between the decoder and the recorder?

Also to go further on Gastrofs’ question, when you say “Pay TV” do you mean standard subscription service to receive multi-channels - like Sky or do you mean Pay Per View like HBO (Home Box Office) ?