Liteon 5000 series quick FINALIZE any other players finalize as quick?

Hey gang!

I have a first generation Liteon (all write) 5000 series stand alone dvd recorder. To put it mildly, its been a workhorse! Burning literly thousands of discs. I do alot of “LIVE” recordings at events with it (video karaoke.)
At the end of the session the participant has the option of purchasing their performance on DVD. I usualy use Ridata media. Afordable and for the most part dependable. I generally record their performance on a RW+ discs and then if they decide to buy, we record onto a -R during playback.

Until just recently its been a flawless recorder. However, like all burners that have burned thousands of discs it has began to to HIC-UP. It’s being moody towards media these days. During the preperation process of a fresh DVD R- disc it has been un-able to read the media. some times but NOT all the time. Seems to be a hit and miss thing. The drive still runs but has been rejecting various media types more frequently. To me that’s the early warning signs of a drive on the way out.

I have found the thread regarding REPLACING drives in this stand alone unit. It doesn’t look like such a big operation and may be a good alternative for me.
Before i found that thread on replacing the drive i began to look for a replacement unit. I tried 4 different recorders on the market and could NOT believe the dis-apointment factor with name brand stand alone units. I tried a Samsung, Panasonic, LG, and a crummy Magnavox.

All 4 units tested took nearly 15 minutes (or longer) to finalize a 3 minute recorded DVD R- disc. In my situation this will NOT work as i need a disc finalized in seconds not minutes. As the next video karoke spectator won’t wait 20 minutes between tunes.

So before i swap out my liteon drive (which may be my best bet) does anyone here know of any OTHER stand alone models that finalize discs lightning quick lite the liteon units? I couldn’t believe that the other units required that much time to finalize a disc.

penny for your thoughts…