LiteOn 48X24X48X for C&C

Has anyone used the LiteOn 48X24X48X to backup there copy of Command & Conquer Generals ???

And have a working version?

Thx Andy

hi! can’t tell you exactly if it will work with your burner, but i guess, cuz i had success using my LTR-52246S and Alcohol, unticking “Bypass EFM correction”.

Any one have success with that Writer


Yeap had absolutely no probs with Alcohol and the Safedisc 2 setting. C&C Generals uses Safedisc 2.8 as far as I can see. The copy made was tested and worked on…

Toshiba Laptop DVD/CDRW drive
Liteon LTR-48246S CDRW
Liteon LTR-48125W CDRW
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Liteon LTR-165H DVD
Pioneer 116 16X DVD Drive

and a few other drives.