Liteon 48x with winXP... burning problems

i have a 48x liteon burner that came with nero. I just formatted XP and i cant get this burner to burn CDs now. I was using cd clone and the nero that it came with before. but now that i formatted I cant seem to ge windows to burn no more. I can read CDs with it but not burn. everytime i try to burn with nero it just writes a image. and when i try clone CD it says are u sure there is a disk or something. and easy creator says no recorder found. I thought i had installed the ASPI drivers but now it seems to not work. any ideas???

Sounds like the drive might not be getting recognised properly in XP.

Try deleting it in Device Manager and let XP find it again.

You could also try uninstalling and reinstalling the software – might work.

Well I’m also Running XP on my box is it Home or Pro?? cause it does have some probs with CD locking and making your puter crash check in admin tools event viewer for this prob, also take in to consideration that SP1 gives almost as many probs as it fixes (have you patched your windows??) try updation your XP at MS site using live update im sure you’ll finda fix for the cd prob without installing the SP1 or try updating the firmware dload from Liteon’s web addy in de Dloads section; any way I’ve babbeled enough for one day good luck my XP is Pro buld 2600 by the way and I had the Cd lock and crash error on mine one time While reading a Cd full of Pictures my windows gave the blue screen (thought by now they would have made it green or something) and rebooted and the boot was damaged and had to run the Repair for windows :Z sucks!!!

any way Happy hunting