Liteon 48x Media availability



This is a request to OC-Freak / CD Freaks management and all Liteon owners:

There have been several posts in this forum enquiring about compatible media for the Liteons, esp the 48125W (or the overclocked burners).

Perhaps there could be a sticky thread that would detail availability in various states / stores etc of media that can be burnt @48x / 99 min and so on.

This could carry forward as burner write / rewrite speeds keep increasing. After all, what use is a 48x burner if it can't burn a disc @48x? :slight_smile:

I'm sure the Liteon community would definitely contribute the required info.

How about it?


1: we can’t go directly on brand since most brands is made by various manufacturers.
2: we may always use the Lite-On media checker to find what discs that will work at 48X writng.
3: and by listing the manufacturers that works @ 48X we will definitively get many questions what brands is made by these manufacturers and where to buy. And many people is so stupid that they do not understand that the discs is not made by the brand that is stamped onto the discs.