LiteOn 4832K Firmware

Pls… Can anyone point me to the direction where i may get a old firmware up date for 4832 in exe format if possible…

Or maybe a save of its firware made with LtnFW… :bow:

:smiley: My backup using LtnFW
CD-RW/DVD 48X LITE-ON COMBO SOHC-4832K Drive Firmware (Raw/Bin file)
Original backup-> Version: OPK3 [2004]
Recent Update-> Version: OPK8 [2006]

:bigsmile: Version: OPK8

CD-RW/DVD 48X LITE-ON COMBO SOHC-4832K drive firmware update adds support for DVD+R DL media and resolves issues with Nero CD/DVD Speed benchmarks.


Adds support for DVD+R DL media.

Resolves issue where DVD+R DL media capacity is incorrectly dis
played by NeroCDSpeed test.

Resolves issue where CPU usage data is not displayed during Nero CD-DVD Speed benchmark. (165 KB) (166 KB)

Thanks brooo belated… :smile:

Big thanks to above poster for these 2 bin files–Linux users who have mucked up their drives may find these helpful. Since I have no windows install and am dubious of wine flashing anything I was forced to use mtkflash. Version 1.55 and 1.83 both failed and I had to use 1.69 from a Win95 boot floppy. The drive still won’t read Last of the Mohicans but at least it isn’t a paperweight.