LiteON 4824 question

Since i upgraded the firmware to the latest SS0E i noticed that when writing a cd at 85-90% of the process the cd spins down and up one time and continues to 100% without problem.I use nero 5.5 and the previous firmware was the one that came with SS0A.Could this problem be from the firmware upgrade?Should I downgrade the firmware?I found the SS0C version.Is it OK?
Why the SS0E firmware is 320KB and the previous are 476KB?

Originally posted by gto234
Why the SS0E firmware is 320KB and the previous are 476KB?

Because SS0E is unsing a re-written Flash tool which compresses better due to repetative bytes. Unzip them and you’ll see that SS0E is larger than SS0A.

I just found out that i can’t downgrade with the liteon .exe file!
I must use mtkflash.
Anyway do you think i should downgrade or keep the latest firmware?


I would keep the latest firmware. The write strategy was probably changed by Lite-ON in an effort to give the best burn results.

It seems that the problem was due to bad quality of CD-R that i used(SANYO 52x).I figured this by trying to read the cd from the recorder and near the end of the cd it spined down.The same cd on DVD had no problems.Also i read from the CD-RW other CD’s and had no problem at all!Damn SANYO,some bulk CD’s that I bought are better than SANYO.Anyway I must try some good brand CD media to check that there is no problem.