Liteon 48161H Toast?



Hello everyone,

 I have a but of a problem with my 48161H. About a week and a half ago, I downloaded codeguy's patch to firmware upgrade the read speed to 12X to see if this would correct another problem that I was having (which it turned out to be my labels on the DVDs). I had since then flashed back to the standard Liteon firmware. On Wednesday I go to put one DVD in to read and the drive is having difficulty reading it, I then try to eject the DVD and it spit the DVD out without first stopping it. I'm wondering if the hack caused the problem or it was coincidental that it happened. I haven’t been having good luck with LiteOn since I started using their products about a 1 ½ years ago. I’ve RMAed this drive back and my sister’s 52X burner. I've ordered a new Pioneer 109 to replace this and my Sony DRU-500 (which is a great drive BTW) but just wanted to know what caused this problem.

Thanks in Advance,