Liteon 48161h KH0P firmware needed

I tried upgrading the firmware of this drive to the modified Q version (trying to gain extra speed), and now, it won’t even rip a full disc with dvd shrink :frowning: I’ve been looking for about a half hour, but cannot find the older firmware that I want to flash back to (the KH0P). Does anyone know where I might find this firmware? Thanks!

well, I finally found a copy on a Japanese site :slight_smile: Unfortunately though, it appears that the info on the liteon site is true(“you cannot flash to an older firmware”)…I tried to run the executable and I get an error stating that it is for the “48161h” drive only…the model numbers match EXACTLY so I guess its because it sees the newer firmware revision. Or something. Anyone have any ideas on how to override the error message or am I SOL? Thanks!

You can use FlashFix to modify the executable updater to allow you to downgrade. I don’t think that you should downgrade though. If the read-speed hacked version causes problems, then use the latest unmodified version.

Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile: The problem is that I am using the latest unmodded version (Q), and the drive is acting very erratic. If I can somehow use the program that you mentioned to go back to “P”, then I take it from there. I’m beginning to think that the drive might just be starting to die though. I was ripping mp3s from my cd collection all weekend and some of the discs would only rip at about 1x or 2x…very strange behaviour lately which is why I decided to try upgrading the firmware in the first place.

unfortunately, I think I know where this is all leading… Thanks a lot for the reply though!!