Liteon 48125W (VS08) - Communication Error

Anyone else experiencing a communication error when using recent versions of Nero on Windows XP ? I’ve updated to the latest ASPI v4.72 and have the latest drivers for all my hardware.

My Pioneer DVR-104 records fine in the same program. Thing is it can only handle 4x to CD-R and doesn’t allow raw mode.

The drive reads no problem, but when burning CD’s with the Liteon it writes a small amount to the disc (rendering it useless) before giving me a communication error. The same problem occurs when using Steinberg InstantCD&DVD.

I’ve tried various unbranded and branded media.

I have an Abit AT7 mobo.


Did you try a better IDE cable?

I’d also check to see if you have wire 1 of the ide cable attached to pin 1 of the liteon drive.

The drive wouldn’t be detected if the cable orientation were wrong

I would try uninstalling the Adaptec ASPI driver. If it appears that an ASPI driver is required, try installing the Nero ASPI Driver WNASPI32.DLL in the Nero folder.

Nero should work without the Adaptec driver, which could be causing the problem.