Liteon 48125w problem Help?

i have just bought a liteon cd-burner type 48125w

I have installed it and checked the cabels but i stil get the
same error everytime

this error is in newest version of nero: comminication failure error
i’ve tried to burn at lower speeds but still i get the error

Erase a CD-rw disc is working and i can also read discs

i have also a pioneer dvd player
and i have tryed to swap the slaves but i still get the same error

my operating system is windows xp pro

Do you tweakers got the solution

I sure hope so

i also installed the new firmware didn’t help either

Does your burner work with the Nero bundled with it?

no i still get the same error communication failure

I solved the problem

i needed to make this setup

Primary master: boot harddrive
Primary slave: DVD
Secondary master: Writer
Secondary slave: 2nd harddrive.

finally I Can burn cd’s again

Cee YA Later

I don’t think the problem was of IDE setup.

My config is as follows:

SM - Burner

I think it is the problem of IDE drivers in XP.

yes you could be right I thougt about that to

but I hate to go back to win 98 or millenium

because I think xp is much better

You don’t have to go back to 98 or ME.

Just go to device manager.

Uninstall all the IDE drivers.


XP installs fresh drivers & voila, all problems will be gone.

The above procedure fixes most of the problems.

I have done that many times & it has helped always.