Liteon 48125W...can't burn at all!


I’m a long time reader of the forums, and I have had my liteon 48125W since it barely came out on the market, but the odd thing is after I flashed to firmware VS08, which flashed perfectly without any problems, and a simple re-installation of Windows XP pro; now my burner can’t burn anything. It can read CDs perfectly.

But when I use Nero 55914, or CloneCD 44110…nothing happens in the burn process. Not even the Lead-In is burned. The drive just spins up and down…not even the light turns on or anything. And I have no clue what could be causing this at all.

Also, I’m using Philips 40X CD-R Media, which is made by CMC, which is not the best media, but I never had problems with CMC before…and even if I did, I don’t think the media is the problem as its being recognized properly and its not even being used in order for there to be a problem I think.

I’m in UDMA mode, and have the Adaptec ASPI Layer 4.71 installed as well. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks to everyone and anyone in these forums.

re-installation of Windows XP pro

The most obvious question, did you remember to disable the XP burning?

Damn! No I did not, then again I never did since I never had a problem with it. Ok, how do I disable it?

Oh and thank you, I hope it works :slight_smile:

Ok, I found out how to disable XP burning, I disabled it, and once I rebooted, I trued making another burn.

And still, I’m having the same problem.

Any ideas?

I would first get rid of that 4.71 ASPI , I’ve seen many post where peeps were having problems with it and XP. Get ForceASPI which is version 4.60 & it works well with XP :slight_smile:

ForceASPI has an un-installer to get rid of the ASPI you now have , maybe try without ASPI cuz you don’t need it with Clone & Nero has it’s own.

The only other thing I know of is to go to Device Manager & un-install the Litey & let XP redetect.

ForceASPI 4.60

I’ve never had Problems with ASPI.

Now I have updated to 4.71 but, Nero InfoTool still shows that Nero ASPI interface is used & not the Adaptec ones.


Try installing the burner on another PC & see what happens.

Originally posted by Zeroburn
… the odd thing is after I flashed to firmware VS08, which flashed perfectly without any problems, and a simple re-installation of Windows XP pro; now my burner can’t burn anything. It can read CDs perfectly.

Try using the burner in PIO mode. If it works in PIO but not DMA, then probably either VIA 4in1 or Intel drivers should be installed depending on your motherboard and chipset.

Have you run the aspichk.exe utility to see if ASPI is properly installed? If it is installed properly, the firmware may be suspect.

Since the problem occurred about the same time you flashed the firmware, something in the flash may have gone wrong. You could try reflashing VS08 from DOS using MTKflash and the firmware files from Lite-On Firmwares.

Keep posting your results so we can continue to assist in the solving of your problem. :slight_smile:

I had the exact same problem with the exact same burner

What I did tho is reinstalled the 06 firmware, and then installed the 08 again. Things work again now.


Ok, I tried every suggest you guys listed. Uninstalled ASPI layers…reinstalled different versions including ForceASPI. Reflashed the firmware over and over, and even tried flashing to previous versions; all the flashes went by smoothly, but I still had the same problem.

I installed my motherboards VIA chipset drivers, tried PIO mode, uninstalled the drive and reinstalled it, and even installed SP1 for XP in hopes of something to happen. In the end, all of this has failed.

Maybe the drive’s dead for some reason…

WoW…you certainly covered all area’s , is there a way you can test the drive in another computer ? that way you’ll know if it’s just the drive. I don’t think you should mess with XP any more , if it’s the drive we’ll go from there…

Actually, no, I don’t have another PC to try it on…which is what pisses me off even more since the only person I know whose PC I could use lives roughly an hour long drive away from me.

I think my only actual option is to see if I can get an exchange at the store I got it from, even though the store’s 30 day warranty has passed…worth a shot though.

Decided to add a minor update to my situation.

I decided to go ahead and test other media, which I tried some Ritek media I had around, and still no go with a burn. I also tried to simply access my burner through Windows Explorer to see what would happen, and I get a “Inaccessible, Incorrect Function” error. When I really should just get a blank window sense there were no files burned on this blank CD-R.

Also, I wanted to make sure it could not possibly be a power problem since I’m only using a 300W unit with my PC, so I disconected and took off everything except my network card, the burner, and of course the bare essentials. Still, the same problem.

The burner can perfectly read previous burns I made, as well, as retail copies of data, games, and music CDs I have around my room.

So as you can probably guess, the drive seems to be a complete lost cause. I just hope the store I purchased the drive from, Axiontech, would be willing to give me an exchange on the thing…or luckily let me score one of the new drives with credit.

I’d like to thank everyone who gave me extra tips and insight on the issue with this burner.

Thanks for everything, I really appreciate it,