LiteOn 48125W and Warcraft 3

I used the LiteOn 48125W to burn Warcraft 3, using your profile for LiteOn Securom. What I get is a CD thats playable in any other drive but the LiteOn I burned it with, is this normal?

Have you enabled the Hide CDR Media option in the CloneCD tray? This version of SecuRom also uses the ATIP-protection so you can’t play the back-up from a writer without hiding the media.

I have the exact same CD writer and I used it to backup my store copy of warcraft 3 which worked fine.

first, have you been trying the backup in other cd writers?.. if so they will need to use clonecd’s ‘Hide CDR’ option in the system tray icon, this is not needed for normal CD-Roms and DVD drives.

or you may want to edit the profile and check that the settings are correct.

you should only have these options checked and set;

read subchannel data
Read Speed For Data to:8x
read subchannel audio
Read Speed for Audio to:4x
Audio extraction Qulity to:Medium
regenerate data sectors

now extract the CD to an image on the drive

for burning the CD, use these settings;
make the write speed a little slower if your are burning at 32x or faster, 24x should work fine.
use 1/2 decent CD media

Always Close Last Session
everything else unchecked

now hopefully you will have a working copy :]