LiteOn 48125W and Warcraft 3

I used the LiteOn 48125W to burn Warcraft 3, using the profile for LiteOn Securom. What I get is a CD thats playable in my other CD drive but not the burner, is this normal?

No need to look here and get angry :slight_smile:
I was too tired and angry to search.

Yes, it’s normal. I had the same thing happen to me. I made a War 3 disc with my LTR-48125W, and am only able to play it in my DVD drive (Lite-On LTD-166S or my AOpen 1648 that I just replaced).

Hide CD-R media…

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Hide CD-R media…

Yes, that is a simple solution for those of you NOT in the USA. So I guess that will work for you folks. Although, why would you want to play your War 3 CD in the Burner anyway, I only use my burner for burning CD’s, and my DVD for everything else.

maybe some people have only a burner to play off of…?
I live in the USA but i set clone to Canada so I can use hide cdr media.

Thats part of the securom protection. Sd2 does the same thing. It performs an atip check. Only a burner can detect the atip settings, thats why you have to play it in a cdrom or dvd drive.