LiteOn 451s CDR Read Troubles

Hello Folks!
I am new here and read most FAQ. I have a Lite on 451s that seems to do a good job reading and writing to DVD, but it has a problem reading CDR’s.
I have done the crossflash 451s@832s to see if new firmware would help. Made no difference. So I flashed it back to Lite On GBSC Firmware. I tried all the different media I have and still the same. The CDR’s I am trying work fine on a LTR-52246s in the same system. Anybody got any suggestinons? I would appreciate it!!! The Drive is Dated November 2003 but I dont think I can find Receipt or I would send it back. Thanks for Reading!!

Try to boot from a bootable CDR to see if it a hardware or software problem.

I did try to boot to a bootable CDR but it was a COPY. I will try a factory disk and see if that makes a difference.

Tried Factory Disk still same problem.

Assuming that you enabled cd boot in your bios and the cd was really bootable that proves that your drive has a hardware problem. As a last hope you could try your drive in a different pc.

I beleive you Alan, Its just hard for me to give up on it. I just dont understand enough about these drives. It seems it does fine on DVD’s ,
That is why I dont want to give up on it. I called Lite-On and am awaiting E-mail. Maybe get warranty out of it. Its dated November 2003 and I feel shure I bought it around April 2003 but cant find receipt. If they dont fix under warranty I am going into it, just dont want to break seal yet. Thanks for replying!

The drive has one laser for CDs and one for DVDs. You would not be the first with a half working drive. But there is still a small chance that something went wrong when testing the bios cd boot functionality, so you should try it in another PC.

I will do this in the next couple of daysAlan. I purchased in April of 2004 not 2003 as in previous post. If I dont find receipt for warranty. Would you suggest cleaning Laser? And what would be the best way?