LITEON 451s@851S kprobe chart

Could someone look at these charts and see if it
indicates a defect on the TDK +RW disc that was
Write tested using kprobe?

I keep getting intemittent WRITE FAIL with my
LITEON 5001 stand-alone recorder using various
+RW discs, and this particular one has gotten
two WRITE FAILS with several good recordings
in between.

If these charts indicate a defect in the disc,
then that might mean the 5001 is not to blame.
I see a spike on the right side, and I wonder
if that could mean a place where a WRITE
FAIL might occur. This test was run on my
LITEON 451S@851S, because I don’t know
how to test the 5001.

Any comments about the charts are welcome,
I would like to learn how to interpret these


why is your pic so bad in quality? why dont you save it as a PNG file within Kprobe?

I didn’t know and saved it as a bmp.

Then I keep converting it to a jpg with
less and less quality to get it under 30k.

Next time I will save it as a png.

Can you speak to the spikes likely
being indicative of disc surface defects?

I am not really testing the 451S - I have
burned hundreds of movies so far
and they all play with visual quality
that is indistiquishable from the original
viewing off the satellite. I just wanted
to know about this particular disc - to help
decide if I need to send my 5001 in for
service due to the many write fails.


The results of Kprobe scan are hard to judge. Around here we scan at 4x (max unchecked) and ECC set to 8.