Liteon 451s@851s DVD-Rs skipping (Linux)



Hi all, this is my first post here after a few weeks of watching the Liteon forum. Basically after reading up on some stuff I decided to purchase a Liteon 451s and convert it to an 851s. I did this as soon as I got it using a Windows XP machine. I am using the GS0H firmware since it is reportedly good for -R media. After this I moved the DVD burner into my Linux machine where I use k3b (which is a frontend to growisofs among other tools) to burn DVDs (mostly from ISO images).

The problem is that said DVDs skip in my Philips DVD player (a DVD626K or similar looking player that has thus far been very good to me.) Now the only media I’ve tried thus far is cheap Princo -R 4x media, so it immediately comes to mind that it is likely the media causing these skips. The only thing making me doubt this is that the 8 or so DVDs I’ve burnt so far all play absolubtly 100% fine in both my brother’s and my laptop’s DVD drives.

So basically what I would like to know is if there are any good Linux applications for testing DVDR media, or failing that, is there anything like Kprobe that I can use on my Windows XP laptop’s Matshita DVD drive to test the burn quality. Also, I’d appreciate any (useful) advice on what I can do to make the remaining 40 odd Princos useful.


unfortunately, there’s not much u can do for the princos. Liteons don’t really like princos, apart from a VERY select few. maybe u might come a cross a few in the stack that are good. For a test, try that at 2x and maybe it’ll help. If not, just try and keep them for non critical data backups. don’t wanna say it, but the best thing to do is get better discs like dataSAFE, any verbatims, traxdata, fuji etc.

Happy Burning


But surely if it were dodgy media it would also skip on my laptops? Or do they have some sort of error correction?


pc drives tend to be more error tolerant and ready for not-so-wonderful discs. Almost every disc u burn will play nearly perfect in ur 851… try it in another and it’ll give u headache.
They all have error correction, but dvd burners have more than rom drives have more than standalones.