LiteOn 451S & 160P6S firmwares?


  1. I have a liteon 451S. I want to flash my drive to have a 832S with auto-bitsetting. I use version CG5M cf.exe and I enable auto-bitsetting with omnipatcher 2.4.8. I flash the drive and all seem well, but when I burn a DVD+RW disk (I don’t try DVD+R disks) and read it with liteon soft : it’s written DVD+RW (and not DVD-ROM). Is it normal ?

After flashing with firmware CG5M (before was CG5J with auto-bitsetting), I have to do something else ? eeprom ?

  1. I also have a liteon 160P6S. What firmware do you advice me ?
    160P6S.PS0C.patched-16xOS-rs.exe ?
    is auto-bitsetting enabled ? if not how to enable it ? (doesn’t work with omnipatcher…)

Thanks for your help.

Go here and get the Booktype utility to change the booktype and lock it in. Keep in mind, programs such as CDSpeed will still report then the booktype is not set but it is in error.

I already have the liteon BookType Utility v1.3.5 to test DVD+RW after a burn.
I can change the bootype of a DVD+RW before or after a burn with this soft.
But I can’t set my drive with auto-bitsetting. When I insert a DVD+RW or a blank DVD+R in my drive and set bitsetting to DVD-ROM, the liteon soft writes success. When I burn a DVD+RW, the bootype of the disc is always DVD+RW. I can’t check the Save setting option (always disabled) ??
So what is wrong ?

It works for my liteon 160P6S with 160P6S.PS0C.patched-16xOS-rs.exe firmware.
I can also check save setting option in Liteon Bootype utility and after a burn I have a DVD-ROM. But I still can’t check this option for my 451S@832S CG5M ?

It’s ok, auto bitsetting (from OP) works on DVD+R with my 432S@851S but not with DVD+RW.

If you get DVDDcrypter, the tools section will allow you to set the bit after the burn.

Ok thank you for your help. I can also set the bit with the Liteon utility on DVD+RW.
My 451S@832S drive give me good results, I will send my results.