LiteOn 411s


I got this drive last week and immediately flash it to fs0f upon installing it. So far I have not had any problem with the drive other than the burning speed (most of the time, it only recognize the media at 1x). I use -R media like CMC,BeAll, MXL without problem.
Could this be the dirve production issue? Certain batch of drive have problem others don’t? I mean, some users have no problem at all and some has tons of issue.

My drive manufacturing date is October, 03 and I am using it with W2K-SP3 on PIII-450 on Secondary Master with DMA enable. Burning software are Nero and Alcohol 120%


Personally I think many of the problems is caused by one of these reasons:

-IDE drivers (very likely reason)
-Installed CD-Emulators etc
-Packet writing softwares etc
-Other software / chipset issues.

And I’m pretty sure that 99% of the drives with reported problems would work just perfect in my computer.

Maybe heat can be an issue as well ? I got mixed results with my 401s until I moved the computer away from the heating (used to be only 25cm away from it). Everything is much better now. However, I also upgraded to ES0J, so it’s hard to say how much of the improvement resulted from the move. I never had problems with any other hardware when it was still in the original position…

Without seeing the media ADIP codes, it’s impossible to comment on the speed issues.

As the the “numerous” problem reports:
Every time a new drive comes out, theres a flurry of people rushing to get it, and then whining when they screw things up or it just doesn’t work as ecpected. Then there’s a snowball effect where some people see a “drive sucks” post and then jump on the bandwagon. Fairly quickly, a drive can get a bad rep in spite of any facts to the contrary. Bottom line is that many people are new to DVD burning and expect it to be just like CD burning, which it isn’t. Likewise there is a load of stuff that we don’t know about this format, and a serious lack off diagnostic and testing tools. So, the drive gets blamed for everything.
OC left off one important factor in many of the 411S problem reports, and that is the high number of incorrectly “upgraded” drives that don’t work right.