Liteon 411S vs Hi-Val DVDR+/-W 4x


I’m new to the forum :slight_smile: I just recently got both a LiteOn 411S for $90 after rebates and a Hi-Val DVDR+/-W at 4x for $80. I think I will only keep one but I don’t know which one. I have seen plenty of info on this forum about the Hi-Val (regarding its peculiarities with media, for example) but absolutely nothing about the Hi-Val, it’s as though it didn’t exist (it’s not even described on Hi-Val’s web site). Given that the Hi-Val drive is already installed in my computer and working I thought I’d keep it but the LiteOn seems to have lots more followers :slight_smile:

Any opinions? Anything I should know? In the end the LiteOn was cheaper so I’m wondering if it’s any worse…