LiteOn 411s, too many software choices

Just got my first dvd unit, a LiteOn 411s. It came with Sonic MyDVD v. 4.0, PowerDVD, and Nero 6 OEM. I don’t have a clue whether to install all or just some of these products.

My first reason for buying the drive is to replace my DAT tape backup with DVD +/- RW. I use Retrospect 6.5 backup software for my backups.

Eventually, I’d like to try making backup copies of some rare foreign DVD movies I have (two regions other than US).

I figured it was safe to start with NERO. I already had an earlier version on my XP Pro box. It was great with my LiteOn CD writer. So this is an update of existing software.

I’d appreciate any suggestions of where to go next with my software.

Actually that Sonic disc should hopefully include the burning program (like Nero) called RecordNow. Sometimes it’s “hiding” on the disc.

Nero has been reported to cause problems on your drive with some regularity. But that doesn’t mean most people will have problems, just be aware that you may encounter them. If it works fine don’t worry about it.
Your drive also has lots of interesting tools available to it. Check the LiteOn tools guide in my signature for more details.

You can find my favorite method for backing up DVD’s in my signature. DVDShrink is also a very popular freeware alternative. Check the trancoding forums for some greats guides that have been made up to step you through everything.

If you head over to the LiteOn forums and do some reading/searching on the 411S/811S I’m sure you will be able to find the answers to most of your questions have already been answered there.

Welcome to CD Freaks, I hope you find what you are looking for! :smiley:

What a wealth of info. Thanks so much!