Liteon 411s or Plextor 708a?

i have the opportunity to take back my 411s and get a 708a should i do this?

i know it will cost me about anther 75$…but the 708a does 8x on + dvds (im not worried about - ). Will i get better results with the plextor or not? so far the 411 is working ok but ive heard alot of problems with media etc and this drive.

and i have a asus 5224a for safedisk so i dont need the dvd writer for that, just for movie backups.


You could always go buy the Lite-On 811S for $150. That drive does 8x and is a dual format drive. Do a search for the LDW-811S on Pricewatch. Just my two cents.:cool:

thanks…ill look into it.

Originally posted by snyperx
That drive does 8x and is a dual format drive.
True, but remember that the 811S needs 8x certified DVD+R media in order to burn at 8x. The Plextor PX-708A can burn certain 4x DVD+R media at 8x, something the Lite-On cannot do.

so basically unless you have 8x media the 411s is as good as the 811s. thanks i dont want to spend another 75$ for the plex ill stick with the 811s which i got for the same price as my 411s, which im taking back. i can wait another 7.5 minutes for a 4x burn compared to a 8x im not that impatient…hehe

and maybe 8x cert dvds will start showing up at my stores…

thanks for the help.:smiley:

Latest firmware to the LDW-811S is able to burn Ricoh, TY and MCC 4x media @8x, just like the Plextor, according to info posted in the Lite-On forum previously.