Liteon 411s lockup

I have bought a liteon 411s and either it is faulty or i,m doing something wrong. when i boot up with either my normal dvd drive connected or my tdk rw. my computer is fine. if i connect this new drive, even just on its own with jumper set to master my computer boots up but then hangs.
Has anyone had this problem before with this drive or got any ideas?

You’ve got something jumpered wrong, or a funky cable or something like that.

Same thing happened. It will hang on where the bar is going across with the windows xp logo. If u do boot to safe mode, it will hang on mup.sys. Tried 2 451s, same thing. Changed to pioneer A06. WTH, same thing. I reformatted the whole thing. Pioneer works fine. You may need to reformat. I wish i would have kept the Lite ON , oh well. Live and learn.